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For your safety, only use the ResQUp according to these directions to get yourself up from the floor and into a seat or chair. Below you will find videos, instructions, and a printable .pdf you can download.

Helpful Videos

Watch these videos for more detailed instruction on using the ResQUp.

Three Methods to Use the ResQUp

Example of “Using Hands” Method

Something Else

Illustrated Instructions

Method A: Using Hands

The fallen person moves forward up each level of the device, using the padded handles at each stage for stability.

This puts pressure on the knees and requires some upper body strength but may feel more natural for some users.

Method B: Using Elbows

The fallen person turns to their strongest side and uses their elbows to push themselves up to each level of the ResQUp in turn, and finally to a seat.

This method requires some leg strength and less upper body strength.

Method C: Using Hands & Feet

The fallen person backs up to the ResQUp and scoots up to each level in reverse, using their hands on the padded handles to lift themselves up and their legs to guide them rearward to the next level.

This method requires more upper body strength.

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The ResQUp should NEVER be walked on for any reason!


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