seniorfallInstructions for Use

The ResQUp® is intended to be utilized for the specific purpose of assisting a fallen individual up from the floor to a seated position using their hands or using their elbows (see Illustrations A & B below). Both methods require minimal assistance from a caregiver.

madeinusa1Physical Therapists significantly improve mobility to perform daily activities. Please consult a physical therapist or qualified healthcare professional if you have any questions about whether the ResQUp® is an appropriate device for you to use.



  • Among the prohibited uses of the ResQUp®see Illustrations C & D below.
  • The ResQUp® SHOULD NOT be utilized if the fallen individual reports pain or if any injury is suspected. The ResQUp® is designed to assist those with a NON-TRAUMATIC fall only.
  • If any injury to the fallen is suspected, call 911 at the in-home setting. At the healthcare setting, the fallen should be attended and assessed per the facility’s healthcare policy or procedure.
  • The ResQUp® IS NOT intended to be used as a foot step, stool, or to be stood upon. Doing so may result in a fall and injury.
  • The maximum patient weight limit of the ResQUp® is 300 lbs.



Cleaning Instructions

Urethane pads and all composite surfaces on the ResQUp® are best cleansed using medical grade antiseptic soap and water. Do not use strongly acidic or basic solutions or organic solvents on any part of the ResQUp®.