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New Safe Patient Solutions Affiliation!

To expand the availability of the ResQUp™, we are pleased to announce a new business affiliation with Active Forever ( headquartered in Arizona. Active Forever is a major on-line distributor of a wide-variety of fitness, safety, & medical supplies, and has retail stores in Scottsdale and Peoria to complement their extensive catalog promotions. Our missions are closely aligned and we serve similar elderly populations.

With large numbers of elderly falls occurring every day, how do we as medical equipment suppliers, healthcare providers, and care givers best equip ourselves to deal with elderly falls? One way is to preserve or improve the physical abilities of the elderly before they become prone to falling. Another way is to provide better tools to help the elderly get up from the floor following a fall. The latter may be accomplished by an incremental method using the ResQUp™ mobility device for fall recovery or using passive lift systems, both of which are commercially available through medical equipment distributors like Active Forever.

The statistics bear repeating here; 1) one in three seniors over the age of 65 will experience a fall within a year, 2) seniors over 75 are four to five times are at a greater risk of falling than those 65 of age (, and 3) those who fall are two to three times more likely to fall again.

The problem of falling is serious indeed.


The ResQUp is a fall prevention and fall recovery device for seniors. It can also support a number of balance exercises for seniors that help reduce fall risk. The ResQUp is also designed to meet the interprofessional standards for safe patient handling.

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