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The ResQUp — A Simple Solution After A Fall

Recover From Falls with Ease

The ResQUp is deployed and positioned while the patient is on the floor. The fallen individual simply negotiates their way up to a chair height (18 inches), or to a standing position, by ascending upwards using their hands or using their elbows by one of two methods as shown. Both methods require minimal or no additional assistance from a caregiver. Instructions are provided in the Package Information Insert and DVD Video that accompany every ResQUp purchased.

Available In 3 Colors — $397

  • fall recovery device

    Midnight Black

  • senior fall prevention

    Safari Brown

  • senior fall recovery



Lightweight and Durable Design

TheResQUp conveniently folds into itself for easy storage. It is made of strong and lightweight material so that it can be carried by anyone who can safely lift 15 pounds.

Perfect for In-Home, Assistive Care & Clinical Settings

The ResQUp is a patented mobility aid, therapeutic exercise tool, and fall recovery device designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Certified Ergonomic Specialist (CES). It is designed for use with patients at risk of falling and for caregivers who wish to safely assist patients up to a seated position following a non-injurious fall.

box_1 Fall Recovery

Easily Get Up From the Floor

box_3 Fall Prevention

Improve Strength and Balance

box_2 Fall Assessment

Reduce the Risk and Fear of Falling

box_4 Safe Patient Handling

Increase Caregiver Safety

What ResQUp™ Users Have To Say —

I’m finding the ResQUp very helpful and light weight! At this point, I’m using it to help me get on and off a hand cycle. In addition, I hope to use it to lower myself to the ground to do some fall planting in the garden. The ResQUp does indeed meet my expectations. In fact, I shared the info you sent with the purchase with my physical therapist. She was impressed! I would definitely recommend ResQUp to others!

Anonymous Customer

“The Pendleton Centers of Yavapai Regional Medical Center purchased the ResQUp to use in our facilities. It is a useful, innovative device because it respects our clients’ independence while at the same time protects the client and staff from injuries while assisting clients who have fallen or who need a little extra help getting up from the floor after exercising.”

Andrea Klein, Director of Preventive Medicine and Wellness, Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott, Arizona

“My 82 year old mother who cannot get up after a fall and has to call for help to get back on her feet, lived her life for the last few years in fear. She really hated to call for help. I searched for a long time for a device that would give her the ability to get up independently, and finally found the ResQUp. My mother tried it out she thanks the creators of the device for thinking of people like her.”

Aly S.

“UPS delivered my ResQUp right on schedule October 21, and it is perfect in every way, even better than I could have expected. Amazingly light-weight, expertly designed and constructed in every detail, sturdy yet easy to handle. I was able to use it successfully on my very first try, and much more so since. Needless to add, I shall not be returning my ResQUp to you. It has rapidly become – and will remain – a very important possession for the rest of my life.”

Al Eipper, Customer

“My Mom loves it. One of her grandkids helps her use it for practice and she immediately had some confidence come back. She repeatedly thanks me and tells us she doesn’t worry about falling anymore. This had been a god send to my family and gives us piece of mind. We cannot THANK YOU enough. I do not understand why rehab centers and nursing homes don’t have such a device. For the cost of this, it was worth every penny.”

Liz Hackett, Customer

simple solution to a fall

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