The simple solutions following a non-injurious fall.

Fall Recovery

Increase your strength, balance, and range of motion.

Fall Prevention

Test yourself and determine if you are at risk of falling.

Fall Assessment

Reduce caregiver injuries due to lifting patients.

Safe Patient Handling

The ResQUp is a recovery device to help you get up from the floor in the case of a fall. It is intended for seniors and others susceptible to non-injurious falls. Assessing fall risks and meeting professional caregiver standards for safe patient handling are other beneficial uses of the ResQUp.

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 ResQUp- A recovery device to help you get up from the floor in the case of a fall.
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The ResQUp

The ResQUp is a recovery device to help you get up from the floor in the case of a fall. Developed and designed for the specific purpose of aiding patients, healthcare providers, and a wide variety of caregivers in clinical, assistive care, and in-home settings. The ResQUp is particularly useful in situations where an individual does not have the volitional strength or abilities to get up from the floor independently.

Lightweight and Durable Design

The ResQUp conveniently folds into itself for easy storage. It is made of strong and lightweight material so that it can be carried by anyone who can safely lift 15 pounds.

About the ResQUp

The ResQUp originated from a specific concern that was directed to Dr. Peraza in the course of his patient care duties about how to raise fallen patients from the floor to chair level. Extensive research, demonstrations of the prototype ResQUp and discussions with other professional physical therapists and caregivers confirmed the need for such a fall recovery device. Patients need a way to help themselves, and caregivers need tools for safe patient handling that help mitigate physical injuries to them when assisting patients.

The ResQUp is Made in America from recyclable materials and is listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class 1 Medical Device. Safe Patient Solutions is a Veteran-owned small business registered with the FDA and pays annual user fees.

ResQUp – A Simple Solution to Fall Recovery

The Problem of Falling

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have arrived at the following findings: One in four Americans over the age of 65 years of age fall every year, with the number of falls increasing each decade of life. Every 11 seconds an elderly adult is treated for a fall injury in the emergency department and an older adult die from a fall every 19 minutes.

Falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. The financial toll is expected to increase as the US population ages and may reach $67.7 Billion by 2020.

Besides injuries caused by falls, the simple fear of falling can impact the lives of seniors by causing a reduction in their level of activity. This in turn leads to a decline in mobility and physical fitness, which can increase the actual risk of another fall.

Caregivers, whether professional or family members, can also be gravely affected by this problem. They are often unable to physically assist the fallen person without danger of injury to themselves. Anticipation of another fall may also make a caregiver reluctant to allow the senior any independence, also diminishing the senior’s quality of life.

ResQUp Methods for Use

The ResQUp is intended for the specific purpose of making it possible for an individual to negotiate their way up to a chair height (generally ~18 inches). One of three methods usually works for most people. All three methods require minimal or no additional assistance from a caregiver. Please test your upper body strength to insure you have sufficient upper body strength to lift yourself a height of 4½“ to the first level to avoid  an unnecessary purchase. If you are unable to lift yourself, you will need additional assistance from a caregiver.

Methods for Use Illustrated

Consult a physical therapist or qualified healthcare professional if you have any questions about whether the ResQUp is an appropriate device for you to use.

Pushing themselves up using their hands

Pushing themselves up using their elbows and legs

Climbing up on their hands and knees

Improper Uses
  • The ResQUp SHOULD NOT be utilized if the fallen individual reports pain or if any injury is suspected. The ResQUp is designed to assist those with a NON-TRAUMATIC fall only.
  • If any injury to the fallen is suspected, call 911 at the in-home setting. At the healthcare setting, the fallen should be attended and assessed per the facility’s healthcare policy or procedure.
  • The ResQUp IS NOT intended to be used as a foot stool, or to be stood upon. Doing so may result in a fall and injury.
  • The maximum patient weight limit of the is 300 lbs. Exceeding this limit may cause collapse of the unit and possible injury.

ResQUp Applications

  • The ResQUp is an essential tool for safe patient handling programs that minimize and/or prevent physical lifting of a patient, thereby reducing the risk of an injury.
  • The ResQUp can be utilized by physical rehabilitation and therapeutic facilities (e.g.; acute hospital care, outpatient settings, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation hospitals, home health, and medical offices) to train patients in independent mobility from a fallen position and improve patient confidence in their mobility.
  • The ResQUp can be utilized to improve patient range of motion and functional strengthening of patients in clinical settings.
  • The ResQUp can be utilized by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to assist those who have fallen to the floor. Injury to EMS workers will be minimized or eliminated utilizing the ResQUp.

Product Features, Design and Construction


Our Story

As a practicing Physical Therapist, Dr. Al Peraza has treated many physically challenged patients who expressed concerns about their inability to get up after a fall. Dr. Peraza would use boxes and stacked aerobic steps to assist and train patients about safe ways to get up from the floor. But finding boxes of the correct height took time away from patient care, and often the boxes were not sufficiently stable.


This situation was frustrating to Dr. Peraza and his patients alike. The idea for the ResQUp evolved from the specific plight of one of Dr. Peraza’s geriatric patients. The patient knew he was at risk of falling and was aware he would not have the strength to get up on his own to a seated position. And he didn’t want his wife to hurt herself in attempting to assist him up. Further his personal dignity would not allow him to rely on 911 services that would result in the police, ambulance, or fire truck responding to a non-traumatic fall.

Subsequently, Dr. Peraza researched equipment resources and consulted with several highly experienced clinicians but found no useful or practical tools that met his patients’ needs for getting up from the floor after a fall. He then developed the ResQUp concept and made the first working prototype available for use in demonstrations. Since then, with professional input and clinical testing, the product has been reworked and refined to its present form. The ResQUp is intended for the specific purpose of assisting a fallen individual up from the floor to a seated or standing position.

  • The design of the ResQUp incorporates 3 horizontal levels to facilitate the patient’s ascent to a seating position with little or no assistance. The ResQUp is purposefully designed so that the patient’s shoulders are in the optimal position of strength during the ascent.
  • Sloped leading edges on the ResQUp make ascending more comfortable for the patient and lessen shear forces on skin tissue and bone.
  • The ResQUp is ergonomically designed to lessen shoulder, wrist, and hand strain and incorporates hand grips under the lateral edges of each horizontal level.
  • Non-slip PORON® non-absorbing urethane pads are used to provide pressure relief and a padded gripping surface for hands along the lateral horizontal levels of the ResQUp.
  • The ResQUp is composed of low-density polypropylene and is manufactured using rotational molding methods. The process results in a durable composite material yielding a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs while weighing only 15 lbs. When folded for storage, the ResQUp measures only 31” long by 11 ½ ” wide by 13 ½ “  high.
  • The ResQUp is simply constructed using high-quality stainless steel self-locking fasteners that requires no regular maintenance or servicing.
  • The ResQUp incorporates a patented design and is equipped with two inward-folding horizontal levels and a deployment system to reduce its storage “foot print” when not in use and to optimize portability and application when needed.

Regain Independence

  • The ResQUp can be utilized by individuals alone at home as a recovery device to help you get up from the floor in the case of a fall, or to get down to the floor, when attempting to do so may be difficult or unsafe.
  • The ResQUp can improve access to under-counter cabinets, provide a way to work in outdoor gardens, and make engaging grandchildren and pets on the floor possible.
  • The ResQUp can assist people who fall in the public (e.g.; schools, hotels, supermarkets, shopping centers, convention centers, arenas) and generally wherever groups of individuals gather together.
Read More about the Clinical Case for the ResQUp


I’m finding the ResQup helpful and light weight! At this point, I’m using to help me get on and off a hand cycle. In addition, I hope to use it to lower myself to the ground to do some fall planting in the garden. The ResQUp does indeed meet my expectations. In fact, I shared the info you sent with the purchase with my physical therapist. She was impressed! I would definitely recommend ResQUp to others!

Anonymous Customer
My Mom loves it. One of her grandkids helps her use it for practice and she immediately had some confidence come back. She repeatedly thanks me and tells us she doesn’t worry about falling anymore. This had been a god send to my family and gives us piece of mind. We cannot THANK YOU enough. I do not understand why rehab centers and nursing homes don’t have such a device. For the cost of this, it was worth every penny.
Liz Hackett

UPS delivered my ResQUp right on schedule October 21, and it is perfect in every way, even better than I could have expected. Amazingly light-weight, expertly designed and constructed in every detail, sturdy yet easy to handle. I was able to use it successfully on my very first try, and much more so since. Needless to add, I shall not be returning my ResQUp to you. It has rapidly become – and will remain – a very important possession for the rest of my life.

AI Eipper

My 82 year old mother who cannot get up after a fall and has to call for help to get back on her feet, lived her life for the last few years in fear. She really hated to call for help. I searched for long time for a device that would give her the ability to get up independently, and finally found the ResQup. My mother tried it out she thanks the creators of the device for thinking of people like her.

Aly S.

The Pendleton Centers of Yavapai Regional Medical Center purchased for the ResQUp to use in our facilities. It is a useful, innovative device because it respects our clients independence while at the same time protects the client and staff from injuries while assisting clients who have fallen or who need a little extra help getting up from the floor after exercising.

Andrea Klein, Director of Preventive Medicine and Wellness Yavapal Regional Medical Center in Prescott, Arizona